Thursday, February 21, 2008

helloooo~~~~~!!!!!! okay~~~~~~!!!

At a pretty good spot in the library right now. Pretty comfortable. Just spent some time with God. Looking to 'pia' for a term test tomorrow. But before I dive into it, it's blogging time~~~~~!!!!! okay~~~~!!!

I am used to studying at the top floor of the library, so here am I. ok, the top floor of the library is sort of separated into two areas - one area houses the medical journals stuff with the tables, and the other basically just has tables after tables after tables for people like me to mug like siao or just chill out......errr......quietly...... :P

So!!! Just now, I was like walking out of the's the top floor, so I usually take the's much more energy.......ok, maybe I am just lazy.......

okay! Back of the point. ya, I was walking out the lift and walking towards the area with tables after tables after tables (my usual area) and then I saw some empty tables at the area that houses the medical journals stuff and I was thinking 'why not try to sit in this area for once?' Better still, the empty tables nearby got power socket! Steady lah~~!!

ok, so right, I put my bag down on the chair of one of the empty tables and THEN, I sort of looked wait a minute, they all look like medical students, right? Those people sitting at the nearby tables in this area. Whoa piang...don't tell me this is like some medical area for medical students ONLY?? I never used to realize this.

ok ok, I better see if the other area has seats with power sockets. Power sockets are very very important. Guess why? *hint hint* What am I using to blog now??? No prize for the correct answer...

ANYWAY!! On the way there, I was like thinking, 'ai ya, actually, should be ok, right? There shouldn't be any restrictions on the seating, right? ai ya...can lah, can lah..' So I walked back to my seat...AND THEN!! I met this person, seating not faraway from my table...He looks familiar....He also thinks I look familiar, so we talk....

It's amazing, I tell you. Initially, I couldn't remember where I knew him from, but a part of the conversation went something like that......

Leonard: look familiar, but I don't remember your name.
Moses: oh, my name is Moses. I met you in (this place), right?
Leonard: No, no. Were you from (my secondary school)?
Moses: ya ya...but I don't remember you...
Leonard: Which year were you born?
Moses: err...86.
Leonard: Correct lah, I am one year your senior... You were from Drama, right?
Moses: ya ya.

Amazing, right? We were like tracing back where we knew each other. Funny sia. But quite cool leh. Don't you think so? oh man. Then, we caught up a bit with each other and apparently, he knows one of my project group members because they were from the same JC! Ain't that cool?!

ya, I didn't ask for his handphone number. hmmm....maybe I should huh?? Like keep in contact or something. Glad that I went to sit at the medical journals area. Probably because of that, I met my secondary school friend. It was a really pleasant encounter. Thank God. :D

Totally looking forward to Garage band practice later. ok! I better go and chiong my stuff for tomorrow's term paper, or else it would be like what Michelle said, 'oh no, that's the end of me..' ok, it's not THAT bad, but still have to study, right?

ok, see ya!!

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